First attempt at “Antique Black”

So my project has progressed to the point where I want to pick a background.I want a dark background, but not flat black, hence the attempt to dye something nice…

I started out with three colours, a grey and two camel beiges.

I bought some black, Ivy, and mustard. I mixed my own purple from primary colours. I used about 1/2 tsp of each of the colours in 2 cups water, and I was supposed to use 1 tsp of the black, but I may have goofed and put less black in…and I did goof and added salt instead of citric acid. I added the citric acid as soon as I realized…wonder what salt does?

I used one purple in each pan.

This is the wool, mostly dry, from the right hand pan.

and the left hand pan…

Here they are side by side.

So I have a wide variation in the wool. I guess I need to stir more, but I was terrified it would all come out all black. It is very deceiving when it is wet. It looks very dark. I was amazed when it came out of the dryer slightly damp. So a little more practice needed, but I am happy with my first attempt. I think I have wool that I will use, though not all of it in the background.

So fun…thanks Gene!!!


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