Dye Disaster

This was a DD from a few weeks ago… too much yellow!!! It was cream coloured found wool. I wanted some yellow. Needless to say, I have saved a bit of it, but tonight I thought I would experiment and see what I could do to make this wool useable. I divided it up into 5 strips and soaked it.

Who knew you could find 1/2 gal. canning jars in February. Luckily there is an old-fashioned hardware store near me. I love those places … I can never find anything, but they always have what I want.

I mixed up some lovely primary colours and black…

I added some black, magenta, blue, purple and green each to a mason jar…

then I added 1 strip to each mason jar…

Ohhh! Look at that lovely peachy colour!!!! That was the magenta jar.

I wasn’t impressed with the black and purple jars so I added some magenta to each of them.

Hmm, that looks more promising.

I also added a bit more blue to the green jar and this is the result…

The colours aren’t quite correct, but on the left is the black and purple with magenta added. It’s quite nice. Maybe for leaves? The centre is the nice peachy colour, and the two on the right are the blue and green jar (with extra blue added).

All in all, much more usable than the yellow that I stated with, wouldn’t you say?



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