A spring morning in July?

I spent the last few morning weeding the raised beds. Getting up early and out into the garden before it was so hot that I couldn’t do anything. This morning was different though, absolute heaven! A lovely 24C and a light breeze. Really a spring morning in July.


I have managed to keep most of the beds weeded to the point that I could see the soil. These two had totally missed all my efforts to date. The thought was slightly overwhelming in the heat and so they have been neglected. One down one to go…


imageAfter cleaning out the bed I sat in my lounge chair and listened to the quiet … lots of chatty birds, some far off machinery, but basically my little neighbourhood is lovely quiet. My garden isn’t much to look at this year, but I am very happy that with a bit of help from my sweety I have managed to maintain it to this level. I have great plans for next spring when I won’t have all the weeding to do that was necessary this past spring.  Lets hope for more days like today!


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