The Widow Bremble (Ancestor # 2, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, 2015)

Sarah Bremble Darby… I have no idea what her maiden name was. She is a complete mystery.

Somewhere along the way, likely in New York City about 1782 or 1783, she married Benjamin Darby … I think … though I could be wrong … maybe they never actually married…who knows. She travelled with him and their blended family of 5 daughters, Elizabeth Darby, (born c1773) and Mary Darby (born 2 Apr 1774), Mary Bremble, Ann Bremble (b. c. 1776) and Frances Bremble (b. c. 1781) to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada in 1784, spent a year at Grimross (now Gagetown), then moved to PEI in 1785, where they settled and produced 9 more children.

Her first husband was likely a loyalist but I have no idea who he was and searches for the surname Bremble turn up very few individuals. The name could actually be Brimble, Bramble, Brumble … this is one brick wall I doubt I will ever solve.


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  1. I Just think this idea is so dam kool


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