1891 Canadian Census made easy

While working on my week 5 blog post the other day, I wanted to access the Canadian censuses, 1891-1911. Automatedgenealogy.com is my usual go to for the 1901 and 1911 censuses, but lately I have been looking at the 1891 which they have not indexed as of yet. Familysearch.org is my usual search site for anything else since I don’t always keep my Ancestry.com subscription up to date. The problem is, when you find an individual in the 1891 census, the whole household is not listed when you open up the detail summary.

Detail Summary for 1891 Canadian Census

Detail Summary for 1891 Canadian Census

I could just look at the image, but I need an Ancestry.com subscription for that. I remembered that LAC (Library and Archives Canada) has the images available, but it had been a long while since I had tried accessing any.

A quick search for 1891 Census and voila…

1891 Census info page at LAC

1891 Census info page at LAC

From the search I did at familysearch.org I knew Jos. A Roch in Hochelaga was who I was looking for.

Search form

Search form

It comes back with one result…and he’s my guy!

Jos. A. Roch

Jos. A. Roch

I have the whole household instead of trying to search for each person that I think should be present.

Census image

Census image

And besides, I have the image from the original image owner!




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