Way Cool!!! Wikitree.com relationship finder

I joined wikitree.com late last year. I have been slowly adding my family tree, merging profiles, making connections and generally having a great time. Tonight I peeked at my G2G feed and saw a topic I am greatly interested in. You see, the reason I joined was for just this capability. They are working on the relationship finder.

Basically you plug two profiles in and the utility tells you how they are related. I saw this capability as a very useful tool for comparing with dna  Family Finder matches. This one tool will make a huge pain in my behind so much easier. Not only does it give you the closest relationship, it gives you ALL the relationships.

I tested it first with the profile of a guy on wikitree that I thought I would likely be connected to through my mother. She was French Canadian. It didn’t come up with the connection that I was expecting (must check to see if that line is entered), but came up with 9 other connections that were a complete surprise to me. I compared this same person to my son and the utility came up with 90 common ancestors!

Then, I compared myself to my ex. You see, a few years ago, I discovered I was descended from Mathurin Thibodeau through a son who settled in Quebec and my ex-husband was descended through a son of Mathurin Thibodeau who settled in Acadia. My ex and I are 12th cousins, again through connections that I had never identified. We have 6 common ancestors, not counting the Thibodeau line, which is obviously not entered yet (must get on that).

Got the Thibodeau line in…

Common ancestors my ex and I share (using my son as example)

Common ancestors my ex and I share (using my son as example)




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