Susan Bowness Bell Weeks (Ancestor # 7, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, 2015)

My great-grandmother Susan Bowness is another brick wall we have a theory about.

John T. Weeks and Susan Bowness

John T. Weeks and Susan Bowness

Her parents are stated, in several sources, to have been Robert S. and Thirza (Tuplin) BOWNESS, but other sources disagree and really, she doesn’t fit into the chronology of the family. She was adopted by Herbert BELL, the husband of Jean BOWNESS, who was the sister of Robert S.Bowness.

Apparently Susan was adamant that she was a BOWNESS. Indeed that is the only surname I ever heard associated with her, except for her married name of Weeks (though in her marriage records and in Herbert Bell’s will she is called Susan Bell). Susan also insisted that she was from Norboro, PEI.

Robert Bowness & Jean (Bowness) Bell also had a brother named James who lived in Norboro. James & his wife Sarah (sometimes known as Susan) sent their daughters Emma and Lydia to live with their aunt Jean in Alberton. It seems likely to me that they might have also sent another child to live with the same couple.

Emma Bowness and Susan were very close. My father & aunt remember Emma’s grandsons being “2nd cousins” (which is what they would be if Emma & Susan were sisters).

So the theory is that Susan was the daughter of James Bowness and his second wife Sarah Mugridge. This is my father’s matrilineal dna line (his mother’s mother’s mother etc). I have tested his mt-dna and am hoping someday to find other female direct line descendants to test and compare. My uncle told me that this is one mystery that I would never solve. Hehehe, He really shouldn’t say that sort of thing to me…only makes me more determined!




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  1. That picture is amazing! My trophy husband told me I’d never find his great grandfather’s line as the man left England, went to America, and changed his name. I took that as a direct challenge, and yes, within days I found out who the man was. It turns out hubby and I are related way back when in 1500 England. He should have just left it alone. 🙂


    1. Thanks … not so lucky with this one though. Must start tracking those western cousins …

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