Anne Archambault (Ancestor # 11, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, 2015)

I’m a little late this week but better late than never.

I’m trying to imagine what would have occurred in Montreal way back in the mid 1600’s when
Anne Archambault discovered that her husband, Michel Chauvain, was a bigamist. They contracted to marry in July of 1647, had two children, Paul (1650-1650) and Charlotte (1651-1718). By Feb 1654 Anne was married to Jean Gervaise.

Was there a big todo? Did her father, Jacques, confront him peacefully or otherwise? Were the neighbours scandalized? One would think not, since many men had mistresses back in the day, but Montreal was a small, and I imagine, close knit community. At any rate, Michel was packed off back to France presumably in disgrace. I wonder if his wife in France ever found out?



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  1. Jessica (indytricoter on ravelry) | Reply

    HI Cousin! I’m also an Archambault descendant. (11th GGranddaughter to Jacques) I bet you could find the original case files:


    1. Hi Jessica,

      I am descended through Anne and Jean Gervaise’s son Charles m. Marie Boyer.
      are you on


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