Here we go again …

Every spring I am energized, ready for a new gardening year. By June, when the heat and humidity her in North Carolina has firmly set in, I am toast. I just cannot hack the heat, humidity, clay soil and Johnson Grass!!!

This spring, however, I feel like I have a few things more to my advantage. First of all, the garden is in better shape this spring than last. I only have two raised beds that are totally overgrown with weeds. The others are only slightly overgrown with weeds!



Of course, there is still the problem with weeds surrounding the beds, but I did get the pre-emergent down last fall and I am determined to do it again when it’s due!

In December I had a perfectly lovely day and found myself out weeding one of the beds. There were three lettuce plants that  had germinated late in the fall. I weeded the bed and thought what the hay! Let’s sow some snow peas! I had a lovely little row germinate in no time.


Unfortunately, this is all that survived. So tomorrow I will sow some more to fill out the row and I’ll have some early and some later.


The second reason, I feel I am ahead of the game this year is that my sweety has put together a new grow light stand. I am thrilled. I really missed starting my own seeds.


There is nothing like picking the varieties you really want and starting them yourself. We set it up at his house since there is almost always someone there to tend them, and I have been getting daily photo updates. I forgot how fast things germinate. Several were up on the second day. Very gratifying!



The third thing that will help … I am calling in help. Last year, when my yard looked really bad, I came home to find a business card magnet stuck to my mailbox. I laughed out loud. Obviously they thought I needed some serious help. Usually I HATE people leaving flyers and junk on my doorstep, but this was ingenious! It was small and not easily lost. It sat stuck to my fridge where I knew I would find it again. Today I made the call.

Lastly, I have found friends interested in starting their own seeds too. It’s great to bounce ideas off each other and let’s face it, it’s a great motivator! Now, off to get ready for a little seed swap tonight…



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