I suppose it’s time to edit this “About” page … not much to say. I’m a Canadian transplant living in North Carolina.  All my family, kids, grand-daughter, dad, and extended rellies are all in Canada which makes for some interesting long drives several times a year.

I recently unpacked (after 9 years) the rug hooking equipment and supplies. I thought it would be nice to track some of my work, hence the start of this blog. This spring, gardening started to creep in to the content, and the cats, Gizmo, a bit of genealogy … and who knows what else you might find here.



2 responses

  1. Hi Dawn, just popping by to see your beautiful page(s). I like what I see and I have only spent a few minutes. Have to check out some others that were posted on “Rug Hooking Daily”. Promise I will be back. Please visit me in Newfoundland..:)


    1. I would love to visit you in Newfoundland…. maybe someday i’ll really get there. So yes i’ll visit you blog thanks


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