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Dyeing “Gene Shepherd Blue”

Tonight I tried dyeing a specific colour that I have seen in several of Gene Shepherd’s rugs. I am calling it “Gene Shepherd Blue”. The instructions are on his blog, “Internet Rug Camp“, but you can see the colour on his free blog too. The first pic is after step one, the second after addition the step two dye. I have no idea what it will turn out like, except that I am sure it won’t look just like Gene’s. I won’t get to see the finished product until tomorrow afternoon.   image     image


Wool dyed tonight

On the left Cindy Gay’s Robin’s Egg (14A) , on the right, PC 407, Sky Blue. I think I like the Robin’s Egg better.

16 A , Spring Violet (left), and 16B Oh La La (right)

This next one was 12A, Happy, followed by 12B, Retro Turquoise. I added the wool to 12A, let is sit a bit then added some 12B. I love it!

Next was 4A, Soft Apricot.

I’m thinking it might go with the peach and butterscotch salvaged  wool from earlier this evening…

Last but not least…Bubble Gum, 1A

What fun… this could be bad… I might never get back to actually hooking, now that I’m having so much fun dyeing!

Dye Disaster

This was a DD from a few weeks ago… too much yellow!!! It was cream coloured found wool. I wanted some yellow. Needless to say, I have saved a bit of it, but tonight I thought I would experiment and see what I could do to make this wool useable. I divided it up into 5 strips and soaked it.

Who knew you could find 1/2 gal. canning jars in February. Luckily there is an old-fashioned hardware store near me. I love those places … I can never find anything, but they always have what I want.

I mixed up some lovely primary colours and black…

I added some black, magenta, blue, purple and green each to a mason jar…

then I added 1 strip to each mason jar…

Ohhh! Look at that lovely peachy colour!!!! That was the magenta jar.

I wasn’t impressed with the black and purple jars so I added some magenta to each of them.

Hmm, that looks more promising.

I also added a bit more blue to the green jar and this is the result…

The colours aren’t quite correct, but on the left is the black and purple with magenta added. It’s quite nice. Maybe for leaves? The centre is the nice peachy colour, and the two on the right are the blue and green jar (with extra blue added).

All in all, much more usable than the yellow that I stated with, wouldn’t you say?


First attempt at “Antique Black”

So my project has progressed to the point where I want to pick a background.I want a dark background, but not flat black, hence the attempt to dye something nice…

I started out with three colours, a grey and two camel beiges.

I bought some black, Ivy, and mustard. I mixed my own purple from primary colours. I used about 1/2 tsp of each of the colours in 2 cups water, and I was supposed to use 1 tsp of the black, but I may have goofed and put less black in…and I did goof and added salt instead of citric acid. I added the citric acid as soon as I realized…wonder what salt does?

I used one purple in each pan.

This is the wool, mostly dry, from the right hand pan.

and the left hand pan…

Here they are side by side.

So I have a wide variation in the wool. I guess I need to stir more, but I was terrified it would all come out all black. It is very deceiving when it is wet. It looks very dark. I was amazed when it came out of the dryer slightly damp. So a little more practice needed, but I am happy with my first attempt. I think I have wool that I will use, though not all of it in the background.

So fun…thanks Gene!!!

Marbelized dyeing

Tried this last night. Not sure I really like the results. More practise needed.


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So many learning curves…

As if I haven’t started enough new projects. This blog has it’s own learning curve. Tonight I found a picture of the one and only rug that I have completed. That was 10 years ago…and then life took a left turn. I have managed to customize my header with a pic of that first rug. Yay!

The above was done while my first batch of transitional dyed wool was simmering on the stove.

The strips came from this pile…

Things are starting to simmer…

After 60 minutes it’s cooked…

I’m not sure what I’ll get, but it should definitely be more interesting than the plain wool….

After the water cools a bit… a before and after pic…

Don’t know about you, but I’m liking it much better.


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