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Note to self … 2

Buy a timer for the irrigation system!

My dog woke me as usual at around 0400. As I let him out to pee, I had this sinking feeling that I had forgotten something. In a flash it came to me … I had left the water on … for 12 hours! Frantically running around looking for a pair of slip on shoes, I was desperately hoping my well had not run dry! Amazingly there was still water running. I shut it off and went back to bed but, of course, I could not sleep. Well the Sugar Snaps are well and deeply watered and I won’t have to turn it on again for a few days.

Today I replanted the Lavender and Iris that had been dug up when the work was done. I have heaps of Iris heeled in one of the new raised beds. Anyone want  some?



Note to self…

I don’t know how it happened, but I was accessing a file on my laptop through my desktop file sharing…when I closed the file, SOMEHOW it was deleted! I can’t find it anywhere on either computer! I’m going to have to start from the beginning of the microfilm. Maybe not a huge disaster since I was wishing I had used a different format anyway, but still I don’t like not knowing what happened to it.

SO, NOTE TO SELF (think I would have learned this when I lost everything any had to pay $450.00 to have it all retrieved from the dead hard drive…) ALWAYS back it up as soon as you get home!!!!!!

Lately, consumed with genealogy and I haven’t hooked a thing, but my new hook arrived and maybe tomorrow I’ll get a bit done. Trip to NYC booked for first week of May. YAY…must get ready…and thinking about Scotland in the fall!

Oh, this is BAD!!!

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